Consumer Code For House Builders

Foreman Homes put our customers at the heart of our business. We do this by adhering to the consumer code for new home builders, as well as following our own customer charter and take great pride in ensuring we deliver the best quality homes and provide great customer service. We embrace the Consumer Code for new home builders as an additional layer of consumer protection ensuring our customers feel secure throughout the process of purchasing one of our quality homes.

The new home industry in the UK is governed by some of the highest levels of building regulations and consumer protection, as a new home builder Foreman Homes prides itself on meeting those requirements.

The Consumer Code for New Home Builders was launched in 2010, it aims to ensure that new home buyers are better informed on the important aspects of their property, including service levels and build timescales.

Compiled by a leading group of house builders, top construction industry bodies and the Government the Consumer Code came into effect from April 1st 2010.

Ensuring that new house buyers:

  • Are informed of what service levels they can expect from their home builder.
  • Have details of important property and location information.
  • Are aware of the build timescales
  • Know how to access speedy, low-cost dispute resolution arrangements in the unlikely event that they are dissatisfied.