Land Purchase Procedure

Land Purchase Procedure

So what happens after your initial enquiry about a piece of land or property that you think may have development potential? Read on to discover just how easy the process can be.

  1. Initial Contact
  2. Site Investigation
  3. Site Meeting
  4. The Offer
  5. The Purchase

Initial Contact

A member of the Land Team will discuss the opportunity in detail over the phone, taking as much information as possible including the address of the land or property, details of current ownership, if there have been any planning applications or consents, and if there are any timescales the client may be working to.

It is often helpful if other information is available such as Ordnance Survey maps, plans or drawings.

Site Investigation

After assessing the information available, the Land team will then investigate the viability of the land/property. If there is thought to be development potential, a meeting is arranged at the land/property between a member of the land Team and the client.

Site Meeting

The purpose of the site meeting is to assess the developemnt potential and usually encompasses the following:

  • Photographs of the site
  • The site may be measured
  • The planning process is explained
  • The process and mechanics of acquiring the land are explained

The Offer

Subject to concluding investigations, planning and assessment of the site's financial viability, an offer is put forward.

The Purchase

On agreement of the offer and subject to Directors' approval, the legal process commences.